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SORCERERTM enterprise

The SORCERER™ Enterprise is designed for Labs that have one or more high-throughput mass spectrometers. SORCERER™ Enterprise comprises of three major components integrated in a single turnkey platform: a high-performance blade server, an expandable disk storage subsystem and the SORCERER™ Proteomics Edition workflow software.


The SORCERER™ 2 is a mainstream product for most proteomic labs - those with frequent, but not continuous high-throughput needs. It is well suited for modern instruments like the Thermo Orbitrap, Q Exactive & Fusion, as well as most all other major vendors and powerful enough to run the most rigorous algorithms needed for successful pathway proteomic studies.

March 12, 2014

Biomolecule mass spectrometry (MS) will revolutionize medicine just as fingerprinting revolutionized forensics. The past in forensics evolution foretells the future of MS, which addresses the “why” of deep data analysis. More later. Here, we start with the “how”.

Mass spectrometers are such nifty instruments that it’s easy to forget they do mainly one thing — detect the mass/charge ratio (m/z) of chemical entities. MS data consist entirely of numbers — m/z, search engine scores, mass errors, etc. — huge piles of them that beg for your innovative numerical analysis and algorithms.

Success in the new information-science paradigm of biology requires a real data “platform”...

“SORCERER™ is a robust system to deal with large amounts of MS data that need elaborate database searching, as in the case of proteome-wide analysis of post-translational modifications from isotopically labelled samples.”

Marcus B. Smolka
Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology
Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)

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